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It is very important that when out of residence for any period of time (1 week or longer) that you turn the water to your unit off.  The shut off valves are at the back of the condo on the ground.  You will see 4 valves by each tier/stack/  Each floor has a color.  PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF THE ONE FOR YOUR UNIT ONLY!  If you turn off the wrong one, you are turning off someone else's water.


By each stack/tier you will find 4 shut off valves...please see attached photos

1st floor - green valve

2nd floor - red valve

3rd floor - yellow valve

4th floor - white valve


Some residents feel it is enough to simply turn off the water to their toilet; leaks do not only originate from toilets!  Ice machines in freezers, hot water heaters and burst pipes under the sink are also a major concern for leaks. 


Turning off your water supply when out of town not only saves your unit from damage but all the units beneath you.  Remember, you are responsible for any water intrusion into units below you.


If you are a snow bird and have already left for the summer, please let us know via an email and one of our Board members will turn off your water valve for you.

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